Thailand Retiree Mandatory Health Insurance – TIMyT 082

Thailand Retiree Mandatory Health Insurance – TIMyT 082

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By now I’m sure everybody is heard the latest news. Thailand is going to require retirees living long-term in Thailand to be covered by mandatory medical insurance. The good news at this time is that it’s only applying to somebody applying for an O-A visa from within their own country. It does not apply for now to somebody who is applying within Thailand for a one year retirement extension.

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This frenzy of disinformation brought up a lot of other issues and topics I wanted to talk about while I made this video about the mandatory medical insurance for retirees in Thailand. I hope you find my comments thoughtful.

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The requirement for mandatory health insurance appears to only affect those applying for a Non-Immigrant Visa O-A.
According to the announcement on the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) website, it does not affect anyone who stays in Thailand on an extension of stay based on retirement, which is often incorrectly referred to as a ‘retirement visa’.

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Extensions of stay are not visas. Most retirees who stay in Thailand do so on an ‘extension of stay based on retirement’.
A Non-Immigrant Visa OA can only be applied for at Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate overseas.

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