No Medical Exam Life Insurance & Its Importance

No Medical Exam Life Insurance & Its Importance

If it’s been a while since you last visited the doctor, you might want to get life insurance without an exam so you can still qualify for premium options. Find more information here:

Why no medical exam life insurance might be your best option.

Something to ponder-when was the last time you had a health checkup? If it has been a while since you last visited the doctor you might want to reconsider getting life insurance with an exam.

Instead, the prudent choice might be to purchase life insurance with no exam first. Once the policy is in place, then take an exam with an insurance provider to see if you qualify for a better policy.

But here is what this does for you-it allows you to lock into coverage. Otherwise, you may find out you have some health issues that either postpone, declines, or gives you a sky-high premium. Therefore, locking into coverage first, before an exam, might be a huge blessing. And the best part, no needles!

Top 10 Best Life Insurance No Medical Exam Companies

(According to TermLife2Go. And yes, we know there are 12, but top 10 lists are so much better.)

American Amicable
American National
Fidelity Life
Gerber Life
Mutual of Omaha
North American Company
Phoenix Life
Principal Financial Group

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