How To Get A Insurance License For Life And Health Insurance

How To Get A Insurance License For Life And Health Insurance

Step-by-step guide on the how to get an insurance license to sell health and life insurance.

Having helped many agents get their license, these are the steps that most quickly get future agents licensed so that they can start helping clients and making money.

Once you have checked your state’s specific requirements for licensing, these are the general steps to follow.

Step 1 – Check with your state’s governing body that oversees insurance agent licensing (i.e. Department of Financial Services or Department of Insurance) for exact licensing requirements and procedures.

Step 2 – Register for a state approved pre-licensing course. I recommend License Coach because of the quality product, and their highest pass rates for their students. Go to and be sure to enter coupon code: HAA to save .

Step 3 – Get your fingerprints taken. Make sure to only use a vendor approved by the agency in your state that oversees agent licensing.

Step 4 – Schedule your exam.

Step 5 – Apply for your license with the state agency that oversees licensing.

Step 6 – Take and pass your exam.

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Thank you for checking out this presentation, and best of luck on your journey to getting your license.