Health Insurance: Changing Healthcare With Aetna (CXOTalk #317)

Health Insurance: Changing Healthcare With Aetna (CXOTalk #317)

Why is health insurance so confusing? What are the best ways to save on healthcare? David Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer at Aetna, tells CXOTalk how the health insurance company is changing its focus to meet individual needs, simplify the process, and help people live healthier lives.

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“Aetna: You don’t join us; we join you. We join you,” Edelman explains.

“If you look at the different drivers of what contributes to longevity, things like your genetics, the healthcare that you get, that actually contributes less than 50% to people’s outcomes in terms of longevity of life. Some of the biggest ones are your own behaviors. Forty-percent of your outcomes are based on the things you do. Fifteen percent are based on where you live and the conditions in your community. If we can work on those, we can keep people out of the clinical system way more often and have better impact, healthier people, lower cost, but it’s a challenge to put it all together to make that happen.”

As CMO for Aetna, Edelman leads the research, design, strategy, and implementation of enterprise-wide marketing initiatives. His focus is on designing personalized experiences for customers and partners based on their lifetime health journey. He believes that healthcare is in the early days of a revolution, particularly in the area of digital engagement and brand loyalty.

This video interview was recorded as part of the digital transformation and AI conversation series held at the AI Experience Lab of IPsoft in New York City.