Compare Health Insurance Quotes – Choosing Health Insurance – Global Medical Insurance

Compare Health Insurance Quotes – Choosing Health Insurance – Global Medical Insurance

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Get Expert Advice
When considering coverage, our customers are invited to consult with an adviser to discuss their specific needs and plans prior to making any insurance purchase, to guarantee that they are getting as much protection as possible for their money. This service has proven invaluable to our customers time and again, because all of our advisers receive ongoing training and are extremely knowledgeable about the coverage and benefits available from dozens of the world’s most trusted insurance companies. Thus, Pacific Prime advisors are often able to suggest a coverage plan that offers far more coverage, and at a better rate, than most customers can ever find on their own.

Outstanding Services
By choosing Pacific Prime as their insurance intermediary, our clients eliminate the need for the laborious and time consuming task of researching every option before making a health insurance coverage purchase. And beyond just saving time shopping for insurance, we continue to look after our customers by providing them with access to our award-winning 24-hour customer assistance and medical consultation services, including access to on-staff doctors and medical professionals, all free of charge for as long as they remain policyholders through Pacific Prime. Plus, our customers still receive full access to their insurance provider’s in-house services and claims assistance, just like any other standard policyholder.

And Amazing Rates
Finally, there is the price. While most would assume that buying insurance through a brokerage would be more expensive, especially considering all the added services we provide, the opposite is actually the case. Pacific Prime has spent more than a decade building up close working relationships with numerous trusted insurance companies around the world, and thanks to the sheer volume of annual policies we generate for these insurers, we are able to leverage deep discounts on the standard cost of their high quality health insurance coverage. This discount is then passed on to our customers, so they not only get great service but also pay less for their annual policy than if they had bought coverage from their chosen insurer directly.

In the end, our customers get the health insurance plan of their choice along with virtually unbeatable policy premium rates.

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