Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Optima Restore (Multiplier Benefit)

Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Optima Restore (Multiplier Benefit)

The ‘Unbelievable Campaign’ is a new launch by Apollo Munich Health Insurance. The Magnetic Man commercial acts as a part of it and promotes the unique benefits involved in the plan.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance is a standalone medical insurance provider. It works with an objective to provide comprehensive medical coverage as per the customer’s health needs. There are various factors that bewilder people while searching for a quality health cover. To clear away all the impediments, Apollo Munich has devised several plans with clear wordings and transparent procedures. The company functions with the expertise of parent companies, Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health.

Heading towards the journey of uncomplicated health insurance, it has earned the trust of people by providing best-in class products. The ‘Magnetic Man’ ad is an attempt to introduce a new concept in the health insurance field. It has always emerged with plans that can understand the medical needs of people. But the health needs keep changing as per the time. Pertaining to that, the company has now launched a product that makes the unbelievable services, believable and accessible.

The commercial displays a man whose body acts as a magnet. All sorts of knives, spoons and other kitchen equipments stick to his body as they stick to a magnet. It is difficult to believe that a human body can pursue a magnetic pull. But this is made believable by the man in the commercial. It makes him different and unique. Most people would think this to be unbelievable. However, Apollo Munich makes the point that there is something even more unbelievable — Optima Restore. Adhering to this concept, it proposes certain incredible benefits.

Optima Restore is an innovative medical cover that provides certain unusual health benefits. It sets itself apart from other health plans in the market. By formulating such a plan Apollo Munich work towards offering a simplified way to get insured. Taking into consideration the changing health needs of people, the insurer prepares for the health security with beneficial services. The commercial is an effort to make you understand the basic concept of the campaign. Based on this is the launch of new health product that weaves along certain unique features that address the biggest concerns of those looking for complete health protection.

It encourages that which is different and stands out. To support people during the crucial hours of life the company has invented simple to understand and easy to afford health plans. The goal is to achieve the target of providing best health care services as and when required in life. It makes the process of acquiring a medical cover smooth to help people receive best treatment.